10th Anniversary of The xx by Raf Simons

Raf Simons and The xx collaborated to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band's first album.

The indie pop music group The xx, founded in the mid-2000s, and Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons, came together for a private collection. The collection, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of The xx's first album, which will include many products ranging from ready-made clothing such as sweatshirts, sweaters and T-shirts to accessories such as brooches. The first thing that attracts our attention when we look at the first published photos of the collaboration is of course the favorite of the season on the members of the group is the turtleneck sweater and blazer jacket. Moreover, the fact that the sweater and jacket is detailed with a stylish brooch does not escape the attention. The brooch with the letters “RS" bearing the signature of the designer looks quite cool with the "X" form. The collection is expected to go on sale on December 12.


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