10 fashion products that went viral in 2019

The pieces that hit the social networks and won the hearts of fashion lovers in 2019
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2019 was a year of big of releases in fashion! With so many incredible options on the market, we were bombarded with news, trends and fads… But some pieces stood out more than others!


Here's a list of the 10 products that went viral in 2019:

Fenty glasses

Known for its bold style, it is almost impossible to imagine that a Rihanna production would not win several fashionistas. In 2019, his glasses gained prominence for the futuristic and modern look.



Outdoor Voices Dresses

How not to love pieces that make us beautiful and comfortable? Practicality is the key word for casual looks, and Outdoor Voices exercise dresses bring just that idea.


Half pants with mark symbols

Logomania was undoubtedly one of the great trends of the year. But the stockings with the logos gained a real highlight for its sexy but discreet look.


Bulky Cecilie Bahnsen Dresses

Romantic and feminine, but with that touch that makes it perfect for big cities! Cecilie Bahsen's dresses won the hearts of the influencers.


Prada Moccasins and Brogues

Luxurious and powerful, Prada shoes were a real hit in 2019! His brogues and loafers began to sell out with a speed - almost - unbelievable.


Maximalist Golden Necklaces

Extravagant and powerful, the maximalist golden chains have become almost essential for the coolest looks of the year!


KkCo Fluid Dresses

It's even hard to describe these models from KkCo. Bold, fluid and transparent the model has hit the streets of New York this year.


Bottega Veneta Bag

There is no denying it, Daniel Lee is turning Bottega Veneta into a true hit launcher! After her strappy sandals - which were also big bets of fashionistas - her bags became prominent.



Paloma Wool chess pieces

Hard not to notice this look! Extravagant and irreverent, Paloma Wool's chess pieces have won the stares this year.


Neon Green Ganni Parts

Ganni is undoubtedly a viral parts maker! This year, the brand bet on neon green pieces that have become a favorite of fashionistas.




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