Relax in Istanbul

Intriguing beauty, everywhere you look beautiful hand-made details, a pleasant climate and delicious food. The wonderful Istanbul is one to love. But where to stay?
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Only a few hours flying from the Netherlands and you are in a completely different world. In a city located in both the European and Asian continent, connected by the Bosphorus River. You taste a rich culture, surrounded by beautiful buildings and you will find the best hammams ... Istanbul has so many jaw-dropping places to offer that you would hardly know where to start.

You can find a bit of familiarity in the cool Beyoglu neighborhood. This is because there is a branch of the British chain Soho House : an exclusive members' club annex hotel annex spa annex restaurant. The chain is known for its warm hospitality and homely luxury that they spread throughout the world. Similarly in Istanbul. Soho House Istanbul recently celebrated its 4-year anniversary and has developed into one of the nicest places to stay in the European part of Istanbul during this time.

The delicious cuisine of the Cecconi's restaurant, the amazing treatments at Cowshed Spa , a roof terrace with a view of me there and stylishly furnished rooms make it a very special place and definitely worth visiting.

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Cowshed Spa
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Inside Outside
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