New generation travelers pursuit adventure

New generation travelers are turning their travel routes into local destinations, where they can try local food, explore ethnic markets, and explore biodiversity-rich destinations. In short, they are now pursuing experiential adventures!
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Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, the historic city of Ecuador, with its glowing church domes, cobblestone streets, colonial-style stone buildings and elegant small balconies, can be said to be the quietest member of travel routes. Although not known by many, this city, which does not search for film studios, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. If you visit Cuenca, which is described by UNESCO as çek draws attention to the existence of parks, squares and other common areas ,, you can see lovely town houses and charming market squares wherever you look.

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and one of the ancient cities of Eastern Europe, is one of the popular holiday routes of recent years with its magnificent architectural structures such as golden domed churches and bohemian air. The city, which stands out with its public parks located in the city center, nightly entertainment until the first light of the morning and colorful streets turned into canvas by international artists, is seen as “new Berlin". Kiev stands out due to its authentic street delicacies and Khreshchatyk Street, which has luxury shops, cafes and restaurants that shopping enthusiasts will definitely want to visit. If you like to discover new tastes from different cultures, we recommend that you include Kiev in your list of destinations. Moreover, Kiev is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe!

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Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria; It is one of the places that travelers prefer with its contemporary, fun and dynamic spirit. Although Lagos, at first glance, appears to be a chaotic 3 rd world country, it manages to attract both domestic and foreign tourists with its beaches, shopping centers, restaurants and rich culture. This attractive city of West Africa continues to be Nigeria's entertainment capital, especially with its lively nightlife. Far from land, the two islands Banana and Victoria play an important role in increasing Lagos' attractiveness. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the luxury hotels located one step closer to the ocean, the route turns to these islands. If you want to spend some time in the city, you can visit the highly chaotic and unusual Lekki Bazaar and the Nike Art Gallery, which contains more than 8,000 pieces of Nigerian artists.

Ponta Delgada Restaurant Reviews, Azores

Ponta Delgada is the unofficial capital and most populous city of the Azores region. With its architectural style and narrow streets, the Portuguese touch is clearly felt. Although it is not easy to find a beach in Ponta Delgada due to its mild and rainy climate, you can enjoy swimming in the healing spas. If you're waiting for the long streets with expensive shops in the city, a lively nightlife or the integrity of the metropolitan city we're used to, you might be a bit disappointed. Because Ponta Delgada; century-old churches, nostalgic streets, small seaside restaurants with little-known special places and those who want to see a stress-free, dream of a quiet holiday awaits.

Salvador, Brazil

The capital of the state of Bahia in the northeast, the musical heart and soul of Brazil ... Salvador, founded by the Portuguese in 1549 and called the UNESCO Music City in 2016; absolute destination of dance, party and carnivals. Although the Carnival is the first to come to mind when it comes to carnival, Salvador de Bahia claims theirs the best and most real carnival in Brazil. The carnival hosts approximately 2.5 million participants each year, including 1.5 million tourists. Add Salvador to your route with its unique architecture, museums, chic restaurants and a warm community trying to maintain their culture!

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Songkhla, Thailand

One of today's popular locations is undoubtedly Thailand. It is not difficult to understand why. Thailand, with its delicious food and sparkling beaches, proves its charm and attracts almost every city into an unforgettable Thai culture. Although many of us are turning our routes into major cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we must say that Songkhla is also worth a visit. Songkhla, the capital of Songkhla Province in southern Thailand, is a wonderful city surrounded by the sea! If you want to spend some peaceful days in a magical world you will never want to leave, don't forget to stop by Songkhla!

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