L'Officiel Islands debuts, traveling between Ibiza, Capri and Saint Tropez

To tell the iconic holiday destinations, three women testimonials like Lena Simmone, Ola Rudnicka and Camille Jansen. In addition to Agoria, in a story dedicated to the beautiful European life
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"Traveling is living". A world is enclosed in this phrase by Hans Christian Andersen. That world that OFFICIEL tried to enclose in the project L'OFFICIEL ISLANDS , a special English magazine dedicated to telling three holiday destinations that have an evocative style. Two fascinating islands of the Mediterranean, Capri and Ibiza, as well as a symbol of charming holiday in Côte d'Azur, Saint-Tropez. Three goals told in the pages of three mini-magazines that together form a great album destined to suggest how to best live each of the locations. Charming and refined destinations of a summer interpreted by three faces. The trip to Ibiza, an island of entertainment and Spanish nightlife, is with Lena Simonne, a French it girl who has seduced brands like Rouje, Off-White or Nasty Gal with her charm. The stage of Saint-Tropez, symbol of a certain savoir vivre decidedly bobo-bourgeois & bohemian is with the model Ola Rudnicka while the stop in Capri, island of the Dolce Vita, is with Camille Jansen, web socialite discovered in Instagram at the age of 16 years old and become a super influencer. In addition to Agoria, namely Sébastien Devaud, producer, composer and DJ of French electronic records. To each of them the task of telling fashion destinations with a fashion shoot. Before starting a guide through curiosities and hot spots, cult addresses and monuments not to be missed, iconic galleries and fascinating stories. To seal places that have entered the collective imagination becoming sets of films and sets of novels. Holiday resorts, but above all iconic destinations of a beautiful European lifestyle.


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