Casana, a luxurious refuge in northeastern Brazil

Luxury, tranquility and sustainability - all in one place!
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Summer is coming, time to recharge, tan and salt the skin. We went in search of a new destination in Brazil and discovered a paradise located in Prea Beach, 280 kilometers from Fortaleza, Casana - his home on the beach, where the best winds of the Brazilian northeast meet white sands and warm waters.


Built between crystalline dunes and lagoons, the hotel had all its structure and services idealized in order to create a sustainable integration with the local natural scenery. Casana is a destination for those seeking for a new concept in the art of travelling, combining exclusivity, sophistication and sustainability. From eating fresh and organic ingredients to preserving and enhancing local nature and integrating with the local community.

1574768992191204 casana hotel bar cred andr vasconcelos 1
Hotel bar. Photo: André Vasconcelos

Every detail of Casana's sophistication has been the result of its owners' diverse travels around the world seeking excellence. With this keen eye, eight unique bungalows are designed to make the most of the ocean views while respecting guests' privacy, fully automated and featuring a private wooden deck. With sizes ranging from 80 to 135 square meters, the suites and rooms accommodate couples and families with children, or even groups of young people in fellowship. Two of the suites also have exclusive pools.

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Photo: André Vasconcelos
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Photo: André Vasconcelos

Surrounded by a 10,000 square meter ornamental garden, the Casana also has a black mirror infinity pool, a pool bar with drinks, a gym, a massage room and an office with all the infrastructure for those who need to dedicate some time to the work.


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Photo: André Vasconcelos

In addition to nourishing the soul in this beautiful paradise, you can visit the fishing village of Jericoacoara, go hiking, cycling or even horseback riding around the hotel. Enjoying the practically untouched fauna and flora, letting time go unhurried.

1574768994023142 jeri
Jericoacoara. Photo: Disclosure

But one of the highlights of the region is the practice of kite surfing, if you are passionate about the sport, no doubt this is your destination. Prea is the perfect place for you to learn and practice. The beaches are safe, with constant winds on the side-shore and provide an uninterrupted course. Casana offers a large and comfortable Kite Lounge with state-of-the-art equipment, instructors selected and trained by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and ABK (Brazilian Kitesurfing Association). All this and much more for you to have an unforgettable experience, full of adventures and very safe.

1574768994428584 kit surf
Photo: Disclosure
1574768994793179 kite
Photo: Disclosure

Another highlight of Casana is the gastronomy. At the helm of the hotel's restaurant and bars, there is the experienced chef Renato Machado, who worked in starred restaurants - like Oro alongside chef Felipe Bronze. The chef incorporates into his kitchen the concept that permeates the entire hotel, valuing the best of the region's nature. Daily menus are prepared based on fresh food, including the catch of the day which the chef chooses himself directly from local fishermen. Ingredients harvested from the hotel's own organic garden or from small local producers are also the basis for recipes that excel in freshness, lightness, flavor and beauty.

1574768995205478 casana hotel welcome louge e bar cred andr vasconcelos 1
Welcome Lounge and Bar. Photo: André Vasconcelos

Sustainability is also an important pillar for Casana, whose structure has its own water well with grant, organic garden, compost for use of kitchen waste, recycling cooking oil to turn soap, boilers with sunlight heating and three stations sewage treatment facilities. The hotel was also responsible for building a recycling plant for the local community.


Casana - Beira Mar Avenue, Preá - Ceará Tel: (85) 2180-5076




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