British Heritage: Discover London's Luxurious Hotel That Rescues English Roots

In one of England's finest locations, Lanesborough remains imposing as an incredible hotel to enjoy the history of the world's cultural capital.
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Walking around London is an easy and enjoyable activity. Much of the UK's capital is flat, leafy and full of famous buildings, making the destination a great open-air museum. The preservation of history, incidentally, is one of the highlights of British culture. Residents are often completely in love with their heritage and strive to make buildings and other architectural elements that marked an era remain in good condition.


The Lanesborough, an imposing building on the corner of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner, is a fine example of this English fixation by its roots. James Lane, second and last Viscount of Lanesborough, built a majestic country house in 1719. The building was transformed in 1733 into the respected St. George's Hospital. To renovate and expand its structures in 1825, the building underwent a redesign of the project by the hands of architect William Wilkins. He was responsible, among other works, for the design of the National Gallery, an art hub in the heart of the city, Trafalgar Square.

The Renaissance

After closing its doors in 1980, the hospital underwent a transformation in 1987 to become a luxury hotel that could fully incorporate the features of its iconic British Regency-inspired façade from 1811 to 1820. .


The result of the evolution of the hospitality complex building was unveiled in its latest format in July 2015, with the inauguration of the building now being part of the Oetker Collection, a selection of iconic hotels around the globe that arouses the desire of passionate tourists. for clean accommodations. Other Oetker masterpiece hotels include the Tangará Palace in Sao Paulo, Le Bristol in Paris, and the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa & Villa Stéphanie in Baden-Baden.

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English tradition lives in the details of Lanesborough. Photo: Disclosure

Eat and drink

Gastronomy and mixology are two highlights of the five stars. Lanesborough's only restaurant, named Celeste, is set in a bright garden where breakfast, lunch, dinner and traditional afternoon tea, part of British culture, are served. Library Bar & Withdrawing Room is a meeting point for leading figures in London and home to the best cappuccino in town. The site also offers a historic collection of brandies, with some copies over 200 years old. Li is still home to the Garden Room, the city's best cigar lounge, which offers a large collection of Cubans and pre-Castro.

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Photo: Disclosure

Balance and well-being

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