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All about Zoë Kravitz's new Catwoman

The most famous cat-woman of all time becomes ladylike in Matt Reeves' new film "The Batman"; in theaters from June 2021
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30-year-old actress, daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet , Zoë Kravitz will star alongside Robert Pattinson , the new batman in the Batman sequel scheduled for June 2021. Spotted on set in the UK during filming, Kravitz wears a meticulously shiny trench coat. tied at the waist, high boots and a matching ceremonial hat (which looks like Philip Treacy or Stephen Jones ). At first glance it would seem a decidedly more woman catwoman and less cat . What we know for sure is that Kravitz's choice of looks is definitely in good hands; In fact, the film's costume designer is Jacqueline Durran who also worked for “Little Women” and “Anna Karenina”. But who is Selina Kyle?

Equipped with an elastic body and incredible flexibility Catwoman aka Selina Kyle is extremely agile and snappy. The cat with seductive and lethal charm with an IQ outside the standards is also a master of style; Catwoman is the character whose look has undergone the most changes over the years. Initially played by Julie Newmar for two seasons in the 1960s television series, it is with Lee Meriwether that Catwoman makes her first film appearance in 1966. The distinctive signs of the renowned look are already clearly visible, in fact the sinuous catsuit appears for the first time ; cat ears, gold necklace and belt, cat mask, booties and gloves with strictly gold claws complete the outfit. Then there is the iconic version of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed cat-woman played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tom Burton's 1992 Batman Returns . Pfeiffer's Catwoman wears a vinyl catsuit (designed by Mary Vogt and Bob Ringwood), claw gloves, a full head mask and her favorite weapon is a bondage-style whip. The actress says that once she entered the costume it was vacuum sealed to be further adherent. This required the scenes to be shot quickly though, as prolonged exposure to this state could lead to fainting. This is the most famous live action version of the character. Halle Berry follows, starring in the 2004 film " Catwoman" directed by Pitof (which was a real box office flop). The costume is extremely skimpy and consists of ripped hipsters, long, clawed gloves, a full head cat mask and a bra. While the look is extremely provocative, that didn't stop Berry from winning the Razzie Award for Worst Actress that year.

Last playing the famous feline woman on the big screen was Anne Hathaway in the 2011 film “The Dark Knight Returns” , the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. His look has a more modern touch: the "ears" are actually high-tech glasses placed on the head and the whip has been replaced with guns. Her catsuit, always tremendously sexy, looks very functional and appears to be made of thick, high-quality leather. Hathaway's Catwoman is like a female Robin Hood: she steals from the rich and is totally on the side of the "people".

So what will Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman be like? A good heroine or an unscrupulous thief? While we wonder about this, we wait to discover all the new looks.



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