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Roald Dahl's Witches are back with Anne Hathaway

From the novel by Roald Dahl to the 90's film "The Witches" are a cult in dark shades. In the newly released remake we find Anne Hathaway in the role that was Anjelica Huston. With a make-up and a more gothic look than ever.
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The witches are back! And just in time for Halloween. Anne Hathaway is the protagonist of The Witches - based on the book by Roald Dahl and available from 28 October on various streaming platforms including Apple +, Amazon Prime, Chili, YouTube and Sky Primafila . The 37-year-old star posted on Instagram a backstage photo of the set, with the detail of the gothic makeup of a Supreme Witch , with 60s hair, a scar on her cheeks like the Joker. Before Anne there was Anjelica: “The witches” is in fact an adaptation of the film “ Who is afraid of witches ” starring Anjelica Huston . However, in the 1990 film the Supreme Witch sported a smooth bob in dark brown with straight bangs and scarlet lipstick . Anne is a more Tim Burton-style witch, with a look that ranges from color to black and white, lace, transparencies and above all maxi jewels. In the trailer, Anne, who plays Lilith, has a weird Russian accent, a passion for hats, black cats, and a ferocious hatred of mice and children.

On Sunday, Anne Hathaway posted a backstage Instagram photo of her makeup on the set of The Witches, with the caption "Resting witch face" or " Resting witch face " #TheWitchesMovie " and not only looks terribly evil, but wins. also to have that brilliant caption. A couple of days after posting her hair and makeup photo, Hathaway also showed us the special effects make up session to create the monstrous masks (which in the film are the real face of the witches) designed for her character. The video in hyperlapse showed the team creating prosthetic molds to perfectly fit her face, essentially making her look as terrifying as possible on screen. You just have to wait to find out all about their looks and which designers they have. dressed the new Supreme Witch. But already the names of Prada and Chanel seem to be confirmed.

Official Trailer The Witches

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