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Why did Harry and Meghan stop following everyone on Instagram?

Because now they will follow the causes of their fans.
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Suddenly, two days ago, the @sussexroyal account of Harry and Meghan started showing "0" in the number of people that follows, which caught the attention of the curious and fans of the couple since it is through her that every month they Then there are new lists of social institutions with which they are working, intend to work or support.


So what is the reason for what happened? Only their decision for a new moment when, in August, who will decide the causes supported and worked by them will be, precisely, their followers / fans / public.


According to the post made on your account this Thursday, while zeroing out the “followed”: “In August, we sought your help. We want to know your indications of 'Forces for Change'. Every month we follow different accounts to shed light on various causes, people, or organizations doing amazing things for their communities and the world, ”explained the publication's caption, adding:“ In the coming days, please leave your suggestions in the comment session. : Refer someone you admire, an organization doing a great job, an account that inspires you to do better and do good (or that just makes you feel good), or a user who overflows with optimism for a better future. ”


The action, which they call "Force for Change", will select 15 accounts from different cause institutions next Monday. Want to be part and do good? Run there and tag someone you really want to help. There's still time!

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