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The most beautiful parts of Notting Hill

To celebrate 20 years since the release of the timeless romance, we have selected the most beautiful quotes
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Notting Hill is 20 years old and to celebrate one of the most iconic films from cinema's history - a romantic comedy which has become legendary, we have decided to select ten unforgettable quotes. From the "Capra che suona il violino" to the joke about apricots with honey.

Here are 10 oddly sentences that will make you revive the love story between the bookseller William Thacker, who was played by Hugh Grant, and Anna Scott, interpreted by Julia Roberts.

The first meeting

Anna: "Do you like a cup of tea before you leave?"
William: "No.Coffee?"
Anna: "No."
William: "Orange juice! Maybe not ... Something cold. Coca? Water? A disgusting sugary drink that they say made with forest fruits?"
Anna: "No."
William: "Do you want something to eat? Something to nibble. Apricots in honey? Why does nobody know it, since they stop knowing apricot and take the taste of honey and if one wants honey go and buy honey instead of apricots with honey, but here they are, they are yours if you want! "
Anna: "No."
William: "Do you always say no to everything?"
Anna: "No!"

On the doorstep
William: Sorry for the surreal but nice comment.
Anna: It doesn't matter at all I would say that with honeyed apricots you've already hit the bottom.

During the raid in the Notting Hill garden

Anna Scott "For Jude, who loved this garden, from Joseph, who always sat next to her ... Some people spend their whole lives together"

On the tabloid press

William Thacker: "Today's newspapers will be used to cover the inside of tomorrow's dustbins."

During the press conference of the Anna Scott film

William: "You are the favorite actress of Cavalli and hounds. You and Commissioner Rex."

The first kiss

"Maybe it's better not to tell anyone this thing."
"Of course not to anyone. Sometimes I will tell it to myself but ... don't worry I won't believe it."

The comparison

William: Anna hear ... I'm a guy with a decent balance ... and with little ease in love ... but can I say no to your kind request? Stop it here?
Anna: Yes, very well, but certainly. Well, I have to leave it was good to see you.
William: The thing is ... I run a big risk with you. Seems perfect as a situation, apart from your bad temper. But my heart is relatively inexperienced, well, I'm afraid it wouldn't come back, if I was once again put aside. Which I absolutely expect to happen. See there are many, too many pictures of you and too many movies. You would leave me and I would be screwed, to be honest.
Anna: It is a beautiful no, I see.
William: I live in Notting Hill, you live in Beverly Hills, the whole world knows who you are ... my mother has trouble remembering my name.
Anna: Good, good, excellent decision. The matter of fame is not a real thing you know ... and don't forget that I am also a simple girl, standing in front of a boy and asking him to love her ... goodbye.

Chagall's painting

Happiness is not happiness without a goat playing the violin ...

The end

Reporter: "When will you stay?"
Anna: "Indefinitely"

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