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The influence of Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, on astrological horoscopes

Astrological predictions became a fever after the birth of the queen's younger sister
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According to the Washington Post, if today you are one of the people who follow the daily horoscope or the monthly predictions of your sign, it is only because of an event with Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, when you were born.

Three days after George VI's youngest arrived in the world, that was on August 24, 1930, astrologer RH Naylor published an astrological prediction for the princess's life in a column in The Sunday Express. According to him, the stars reserved for the new princess "events of tremendous importance for the Royal family and the nation" that would take place on her seventh birthday.

The fact is that when the girl was six, close to the scheduled time, King Edward VIII, his uncle, and then George's brother who had held office and passed away, abdicated the throne to marry a woman he had fallen in love with, not wanting to give up a life with her. The decision immediately made Elizabeth, her older sister, the future queen of England, changing the family's course forever.

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Naylor's realization of astrological predictions made the prediction of the future by studying the stars a real obsession and gave him status as a true celebrity. It was then that the astrologer gained a fixed space in the newspaper of the time Oprah Magazine, through which he began receiving about 28,000 letters daily.

Unable to handle requests for service, Naylor chose to simplify map reading. According to a Washington Post excerpt: "He divided a 360 degree transit into 12 zones, each measuring 30 degrees. He then named each zone from a different celestial constellation and offered prediction blocks for each Sun sign," would have told Craig Brown, princess Margaret's biographer."

This simplification has revolutionized the practice and is the same used to this day in the daily and weekly astrology publications of newspapers, magazines, websites, among other daily vehicles.

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