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10 Photos of Young Paul Rudd That Prove He Hasn't Aged

L'OFFICIEL celebrates the romcom king's 52nd birthday by rewinding to some of his best '90s and 2000s moments.
Rudd in "Clueless" (1995).

From starring in '90s and 2000s cult comedies like Clueless and Anchorman to securing his own Marvel character in 2015, Paul Rudd has become a beloved American actor. When he reunited with his Clueless co-stars at the C2E2 Comic Con in 2019, many commented on how Rudd looked the same now as he did when he starred in the movie in 1995. When asked about his skin secrets, the actor joked "I'm 80 years old on the inside. In here, pure darkness. And a little moisturizer."

On his 52nd birthday, L'OFFICIEL looks back on some of the best moments of the '90s star who continues to stay youthful on our screens today.



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