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4 Luxurious Places Around the World to Have a Mini Wedding

Brazil, Spain, and Greece are some of the best destinations for your big day.
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One of the most anticipated moments in a couple's life is marriage. Whether more traditional or modern, the celebration aims to unite and celebrate conjugal love in the presence of family and friends. A growing trend that reached its peak during the pandemic of the new coronavirus is mini weddings - a more intimate and reserved ceremony.

What characterizes this type of marriage is the leaner and more private guest list - between 40 and 100 people. Because it is smaller, mini weddings allow the bride and groom to have a more detailed and personalized celebration, leaving each detail special and with the spouses' special touch. From the ceremony to the reception, the most private celebrations make it possible to celebrate a more creative and innovative marriage. Small weddings are special because they limit the number of guests to the family's closest friends and relatives, avoiding bureaucracy and obligations when sending out invitations.

Many couples take the opportunity to look for the best quality items: an elaborate and refined menu, elegant decorations, special costumes, and, finally, the place where the ceremony will be held. In some cases, the bride and groom take advantage of the leaner number of guests to celebrate in their own houses, restaurants, gardens, or even in country homes. However, others use the opportunity to hold a destination wedding at a gorgeous locale. If the goal is to combine luxury and sophistication, this is the perfect solution.

Celebrities are also joining the mini-wedding. Model Isabeli Fontana and singer Di Ferrero held their intimate ceremony facing the sea in the Maldives, with rustic decor. Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady were married in the witness of few friends, family, and their three dogs in Los Angeles. Hollywood stars Peelope Cruz and Javier Bardem said their vows in the Bahamas and only a few family members were invited. If you're looking for the best place to hold your small wedding, check out these four elegant and glamorous places around the world.


Grand Hyatt - Sao Paulo, Brazil 



Photo: Playback / Instagram @grandhyattsp


In the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, in the capital of São Paulo, you will find the luxurious Grand Hyatt hotel. With refined rooms from the ceramic floor to the ceiling, the bride and groom will provide a unique experience to their guests.

You can opt for a wedding in the outdoor area with the garden and pool in the background, in the cozy and sophisticated Restaurant Eau, or in the Upstairs Lounge, overlooking the cable-stayed bridge - a symbol of São Paulo. Couples who book their mini wedding at the hotel will find comfort, convenience, and a perfect environment to hold the ceremony.


Photo: Playback / Instagram @grandhyattsp


Hacienda na Xamena - Ibiza, Spain


Photo: Playback / Instagram @brunaparaiso


One of the most sumptuous destinations to visit in Spain is the island of Ibiza. Overlooking the most beautiful beaches, the Hacienda na Xamena hotel attracts many couples looking for a more exclusive and refined celebration.

Guests will be enchanted by the atmosphere and luxury of accommodation and wedding. During the summer, the bride and groom can choose to hold the ceremony during sunset to make the moment even more special and unique.


Photo: Playback / Instagram @haciendanaxamena


Photo: Playback / Instagram @antonjwelcome


Photo: Playback / Instagram @haciendanaxamena


Pergentino Castle - Pernambuco, Brazil


Photo: Playback / Instagram @castelopergentino


Nothing is more luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant than a castle. Made to resemble the palaces of the Middle Ages, the place is decorated and stylized to bring an atmosphere and exclusive environment for those who dream of having a princess wedding.

For the ceremony, the Pergentino has an intimate and rustic chapel and an infrastructure specialized in large and small events. 


Photo: Playback / Instagram @castelopergentino


Andromeda Villas of Santorini - Santorini, Greece



Photo: Playback / Instagram @andromeda_villas

In the middle of the unique landscape formed by the blue sea and the white houses of the Greek island is the Andromeda Villas in Santorini. As it is inserted in the Imerovigli village, the place is both elegant and intimate. Overlooking a volcano and the Aegean Sea, the hotel knows how to turn a wedding day into something magical.

The bride and groom's suite quite special and very spacious. Weddings can be held on the balcony of the room, outside the hotel, or in the public area.


Photo: Playback / Instagram @andromeda_villas


Photo: Playback / Instagram @andromeda_villas



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