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Lose your Head to new London Grammar' single

"Can you see all those parts of me, Broken across the world"
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If there is one thing I am pretty sure about, it is that music will always come to our rescue. After a complicated year like the past one, only a song could have succeed in the difficult task of lifting disheartened spirits. The chosen one, was released on the fourth of January and has the London Grammar' signature. Lose Your Head, the third single to be taken from the anticipated upcoming album Californian Soil (out April 9th 2021), brings you into a world made off delicate painful notes,where you can really lose your mind and relax your tired soul (at least for three and half minutes). Once again, the British band (with more than three million records sold and numerous sold-out world tours), consisting of singer Hannah Reid, multi-instrumentalist Dan Rothman and guitarist Dot Major, manages to create an illusory (and yet so realistic) atmosphere welcoming their fans in their enchanted universe.
The beat is powerful, the words melancholy: London Grammar' secret is to accurately tell a story, an emotion, by translating it into a catchy song that lives in your head rent free forever. We have been looking forward to the return of the band since 2017 (when the latest album "Truth is a Beautiful Thing" was released) and no doubt about it, they really came back with a bang. First with the comeback single "Baby It's You" and now with Lose Your Head, this time the trio seems to have topped themselves; the group, formed in 2009 at Nottingham University where they were attending and became one of the most interesting indie-pop band of our days. Lose Your Head, presented for the first time on Annie Mac's show on BBC Radio 1 as the very first “Hottest Record” of 2021, will be the impressive tune you won't live without

Produced by George FitzGerald, the singer of the band Hannah Reid explained in an Instagram story the process of writing the song saying that it was FitzGerald who gave the final touch to the tune "So I had a chorus on the piano, and I played it to Dan who made this loop. We then worked with Dot and the whole thing grew and grew. The final touch was asking George FitzGerald to be involved and he made it magical" What the meaning behind the song? Once again, vocalist Hannah Reid is here to help us getting deep with the song “‘Lose Your Head’ is about power and control in relationships. The lyrics are quite dark, but I wanted to show the song in an upbeat way.

The music video (below) premiered on the fourth of January and the pink-dreamy aesthetic made everyone wonder "is it possible to abandon reality and live in the video forever?" So, seriously, Is it?

London Grammar

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