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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform Shallow at the Oscars

On the occasion of the 91st Oscars held in Los Angeles this Sunday, February 24, 2019, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed together their hit "Shallow" on the stage, for a moment suspended in the weather.
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It was one of the highlights of this 91st Academy Awards. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were on stage to perform their hit "Shallow", a soundtrack for A Star Is Born, Best Original Song.

The duo did not fail to give chills to the viewers. As the actor began to sing, Lady Gaga took his time and joined him on the piano a few seconds later. What raise the tension in the room. At the end of his performance, the actor ended up sitting next to the singer in his piano seat, delivering one of the most moving moments of the ceremony.

By coming to get her prize on stage, Lady Gaga was in tears. She thanked Bradley Cooper and delivered an inspiring speech: " I've worked so hard, it's not about winning or losing but not giving up, if you have a dream, fight to do it."

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