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Keith Haring at the heart of an exceptional exhibition in Brussels

From 6 December 2019 to 19 April 2020, the BOZAR Museum in Brussels is devoting an exceptional retrospective to Keith Haring, in collaboration with Tate Liverpool. An exhibition event highlighting the emblematic works of the artist, including photos, videos and rare archive documents. Not to be missed.
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This is one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year 2019. On 6 December, the Brussels BOZAR will host a retrospective dedicated to Keith Haring's iconic creative vision and style. For more than 4 months, the capital's historic site proposes to (re)discover his work, his commitments and its his. At stake? A chronological and thematic itinerary tracing his artistic practice with more than 85 drawings and paintings, complemented by videos, collages, posters, murals and archival documents.

A major figure in pop culture and a leading figure in the emergence of the underground culture of the 1980s, Keith Haring is known for producing militant and politically engaged works. Noting in particular his commitment to the fight against HIV / AIDS, the American artist has also participated in campaigns for nuclear disarmament, created the famous fresco "Crack is wack" and designed posters anti-apartheid. Openly homosexual, he remains to this day one of the leading figures of LGBTQI+ movement. The exhibition revives the atmosphere of that era with rare videos, photos and archival material, while a 1983 "black light" installation features fluorescent works lit by UV rays, to the beat of disco, electro and post-punk music.

Finally, the exhibition also highlights the performative character of Haring's work, his chalk drawings live in the New York subway, as well as his collaboration with the artist and photographer Tseng Kwong Chi, who largely documented his work. Not to be missed.

Keith Haring, from 6 December 2019 to 19 April 2020 at the BOZAR museum in Brussels.

1575461178929145 kh 1
© Keith Haring Foundation, private collection, courtesy Martin Lawrence Galleries
1575461179270583 kh 2
© Keith Haring Foundation
1575461179633758 kh 3
© Keith Haring Foundation
1575461180052054 kh 4
© Keith Haring Foundation
1575461180446965 kh 5
© Keith Haring Foundation / Noirmontartproduction Collection, Paris
1575461180923752 kh 6
© Keith Haring Foundation / Noirmontartproduction Collection, Paris
1575461181446462 kh 7
© Keith Haring Foundation
1575461181772491 kh 8
© Keith Haring Foundation
1575461182154439 kh 9
© Keith Haring Foundation
1575461182507182 kh 10
© Keith Haring Foundation

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