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How does Kamala Harris like to decorate her home?

The new US vice president has just sold her apartment for $ 4.5 million
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Kamala Harris caught the attention of the world, not just the United States , for her more casual, accessible fashion and encouraging speech. But have you ever stopped to think about how such a confident and powerful woman decorates your home ?

The American vice president placed her old apartment in San Francisco for no less than $ 799,000. The duplex in question, which she bought 17 years ago, has a little more than 100 square meters, has a bedroom, two bathrooms and is located in a boutique condominium in the trendy South of Market neighborhood in São Paulo.

The house is located on the top floor of the building. It has a high ceiling that highlights the window windows, a space that can be used as an office and a closet. Other details include a chef-worthy kitchen with gas stove, fireplace and full-size washer and dryer. The space also has a private patio.

Thanks to the election, Kamala now lives across the street from the White House, at Blair House, the president's official inn. This brick and stucco house has 14 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, three formal dining rooms, a gym and even a beauty salon. She is expected to move to the vice president's typical residence on the premises of the U.S. Naval Observatory when the renovations are completed.

Below you can see details of your old apartment:

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