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Inside the Buckingham Palace renovation, which will cost £ 369 million

Big changes in the queen's residence!
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Buckingham Palace is undergoing a major renovation, overseen by Prince Phillip . The project, which is expected to last a few more years, will cost £ 369 million according to The Telegraph.


The renovation seeks to repair several rooms in the Palace, including a restoration of Chinese wallpaper from the 19th century, located in the Yellow Drawing Room, which is used for meetings and official functions. According to conservative Allyson McDermott, this is the “perfect time” because the paper “desperately” needs a restoration.


Check out the reform video:

Along with this, the changes will also happen in internal problems such as wiring and pipes, creating a new more powerful and sustainable energy center, according to Barry Igoe, the project manager, he forecasts a reduction in the emission of 300 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

It is worth mentioning that in order to be able to do all this service, the east wing of the Palace had to have all its objects removed, in a process called “decantation”, for that items such as furniture, works of art and curtains were removed. Check out the process.

Buckingham Palace
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