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Gigi Hadid reveals that she was said to have "not the right body for the catwalk"

The model commented on her early career as a model
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Model Gigi Hadid opened up about what she thinks of her body image in a new interview, explaining how she received some difficult comments about it when she started modeling as a teenager.

Speaking to "iD" magazine, Gigi, now 24, said: "At the time when I was still starting my career, I was leaving high school, I still had my volleyball body. It was a body that I loved and I kind of I miss it now. "



She kept talking about how difficult her career was starting, as people said she didn't have the "right" body for fashion.

"At the time, people were tough on me and tried to say that I didn't have a catwalk body." She then shared how Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the first designers to take a chance on his catwalk, and how grateful she was when he chose an outfit for her that didn't keep her body covered.

"For Jean Paul to have me in his fashion show in 2015 - not only to have me, but also to put myself in an outfit that didn't cover much (there were still stylists or designers at the time who were putting me in their shows, but putting me in something that really covered my body). So for him to make me feel like he wanted me to shine that way, it really meant a lot to me as a young model. "




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