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Fan Alert: Who is Leonardo di Caprio's 22-year-old girlfriend?

Al Pacino's stepdaughter, Argentina began her modeling career and is currently also an actress.
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Leonardo DiCaprio's new novel seems to fit well with the pattern of all his latest relationships, after all, the one of her choice is, as usual, a model under 25 years old.


With a list of women that includes none other than Gisele Bündchen, Bar Rafaeli and Naomi Campbell during their mid-twenties, the actor is known for his boyfriends with the exact stereotype of young and career-oriented girls on the catwalks. electing Camila Morrone as further proof of her well-defined taste.


And who is responsible for winning Leo this time after all? A Buenos Aires-born Argentine who at the age of 22 accumulates the modeling and actress professions of her parents, Massimo Morrone and Lucila Solá, as well as her stepfather who is none other than actor, producer and director Al Pacino - current boyfriend from Lucila.


About the luck of being so young, to counsel with a movie idol about his own career, Camila already told, when participating in the program of James Corden, that did not obtain the best acting advice. When she got her first acting job, she went to talk to the American actor who simply said:

"Just react to the scene and it'll be fine. You're only 19, nobody cares."


It seems that even basic advice has worked and since then Camila has appeared a few times on the movie screens. The first time on My Own Private River, Joaquin Phoenix tribute documentary by James Franco in 2012; The following year, he participated in the movie Bukowski (2013), also by Franco. Five years later, as early as 2018, Camila starred in two more films: the first was Never Goin 'Back (2018), which debuted at Sundance and SXSW, and the second titled Death Wish: Revenge.


Already this year, Morrone starred in the movie Mickey and the Bear playing Mickey Peck. Soon we will also see her performing in the short film Hollywood Photoshoot, which is already in post production.


Already as a model, the young woman also has accumulated some great campaigns, having been the last for none other than Chanel, when posing with her new watch J12.

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