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Diva, Solange, redefines NEW DIVA pop music

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An undefined artist

She is known only by her name 'Solange'.

Solange, a singer, songwriter and choreographer

The recording studio looks as comfortable as in the Guggenheim Museum.

Unconventional, she redefines pop music for every performance.


Rapper Trina interviewed Solange.


There is a lot of fresh air around you.

Beautiful creativity

It seems to surround you.



I feel so good to hear the compliments.

The creative power you infused into TRINA's regular album <When I Get Home> is amazing . Free and fearless, and in the world of work you showed that you were the main character. Also, the atmosphere is very different from the previous album <A Seat at the Table>. Tell me about the <When I Get Home> album concept. What message did you want to convey to your fans?

SOLANGE I am happy to be away from those who have had a bad influence on my growth. Before you fall asleep, you smile with gratitude. The album 'A Seat at the Table' told me what I should say and I'm proud of it. All of the songs came from my soul and life, so I felt great power through each song, and I thought I could not make another album anymore. On the other hand, I wanted to expand myself through the album When I Get Home. The house is a mecca of environment and expression. In this album, I tried to capture the process and feeling of defining the space of home. It's about that pure feeling.


What do you think of your work as a TRINA artist? Is it from the personal lives of mothers, wives, and women?

SOLANGE I think each and every piece I publish is a record of who I was and what I wanted to be. Much of the work is about my sons, friends, and mothers. Thanks to them, I could stand up and get energy. But works are always made when alone. To draw out some emotions and thoughts within me. I am extremely environmentally affected. So I don't know if I want to create a world and environment that I want through my work. Much of the album was worked on 'Project Row Houses', a wonderful art space in Houston where I grew up. In that space I said, “Here is the starting point. What do I feel here? What kind of person am I here? Do I speak differently, dress differently, and see the world differently? If your father is here, how can you capture that energy in a 3:30 song? Would my lyrics feel different if my father hugged me here? Do feelings and words spill out mean different things to me? ” These questions are the basis for my work.


I filmed a movie with TRINA <When I Get Home>. The film features several visual artists and their works. How was it working with other artists?

SOLANGE Collaboration with other artists gave me time to think about myself that I didn't usually feel. There are so many aspects to my self. Collaboration makes you talk about yourself in many of those ways you haven't usually expressed yourself. There are many values and humility in collaboration and trust with them. Most importantly, you learn and realize a lot through collaboration. It is very grateful to work with artists who are far superior to me in any particular way of expression, skill or experience. I used to work alone all the time. Of course, working alone is also important. Sometimes you have to. But in the last few years, I have been able to feel and learn a lot through various collaborations. I am confident in my senses and abilities, but sometimes it is attractive to me that I can try more colorful things through the process of collaboration.


TRINA Your performance exudes tremendous energy. As an artist, performance is likely to be a big part of you. What does performance mean?

Same as when creating a SOLANGE song. Performance is an extension of my visual and audio world. The stage is an important part of what I express. It is like placing lines, forms, and spaces in my own world that I want to express. I like to direct the music on my stage. It's about tuning and connecting different instruments and ranges. It also contains a desire to connect more people through my stage.


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