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The famous British photographer Terry O'Neill passed away. He was seriously ill, but his death was sudden news. All his photographs have become an archive forever.
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His photo archive is a chronicle of the British culture of the second half of the twentieth century. But not only, he also photographed a lot of Hollywood stars. The heroes of Terry O'Neill's photos were rock stars, artists, supermodels and politicians, as well as members of the royal family.

He photographed many at the approaches to fame - as if the flash of his camera illuminated his future path.

He photographed The Beatles when he was a 20-year-old guy, then said that he immediately understood that John Lennon was a special person, not at all like the others. Terry O'Neill liked to anticipate. Capturing the star before it appeared on all covers and in all newspapers.

He became a photographer by accident, when he did a successful shot at Heathrow Airport.

His first professional job was a photo shoot of Lawrence Olivier. Since then, each frame is like a piece of the mind, a portrait that embodies the psychological aspects of the subject.

Terry O'Neill photographed the spirit of London. “The city lives on the happiness of its people,” as the song says. In his photographs, people are happy. Perhaps not for long, but thanks to him they can remind happpy forever.

Terry O'Neill proved that one click of the camera can make a person tell everything about oneself - without words.



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