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Chris Evans: will Steve Rogers return?

Seemed like Cap' storyline was over, but is it?
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Almost two years have gone by since the final Marvel' chapter Avengers: Endgame hit the cinemas. The movie ( which grossed a total of $2.798 million, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time) closed many superheros' stories and introduced new characters that will become the second generations of heroes. Many hearts were left broken after the ending credits and some unexpected twist still caused pain these days. Before been released, a lot of gossips circulated around the expire of the original Avengers' contracts and what this meant to the story of characters: Robert Downey Jr. who was the first one to be hired for the role of Iron Man (considered one of his best performance ever), Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor , Scarlett Johansson the brave Black Widow and and Chris Evans our beloved Captain America. When the movie finally came out after a year of wait, most of fans' questions were answered: useless to say, we were all left with a bittersweet taste.

Most of these actors said their goodbyes to the characters that have been part of their life for so long: RDJ, Scarlett (even if we will see her again for the last time in Black Widow, the prequel movie abot Natasha's life) and Chris Evans. Captain America' exit left the fanbase with very different opinions : some were happy for his retirement and some saw that as a poor character choice, claming that the grown up Steve Rogers would have never been able to abandon his family (aka Avengers). But that was it. Ultil a couple of days ago when some rumors started to circule of a possible Cap' return.

We might see Steve Rogers again. Chris Evans is reportedly in talks with Marvel t to reprise his role as Captain America one more time: it is unclear if for a film or a tv series is still unclear, but the appearance would be in a supporting capacity, not a stand- alone movie (similar to the one of Iron Man in Spiderman Homecoming).

After the rumors went crazy on the Internet, Chris Evans took Twitter to comment the news. "News to me" was his reaction, followed by " Some of the gif responses are priceless, Good work everyone!". 

But are our hopes really over? Maybe no


Marvel is famous for keeping secrets as long as they can, for giving fake news away and for cover their real intetions like a pro. Actors, more than once, have said that the silence-rule is an imperative to enter in the Fantastic Univers and everyone is strictly controlled in not giving away spoilers. Just a couple of days ago, the world found out that new Thor' movie "Love and Thunders" Chris Pratt will also featured in the film making the Guardian od the Galaxy' stans super excited to see their funny hero again. So is it Chris just making things up to confuse us? Is it really just a rumor? Only time will tell, but for now, we like to think that Cap will return once again, after all he "can do this all day"

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