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20 years of Charlie's Angels

Directly from the 2000s, angels have their birthdays
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20 years ago the reboot of one of the most popular series of the 70s was released in Italian cinemas: Charlie's Angels . Starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, the remake officially welcomed angels into the 21st century. Low-rise bootcut jeans decorated with paisley embroidery and studs, tube tops, knee-high boots, gradient sunglasses and sparkling rhinestones: the elements that made the film worthy of being named a cult of the 2000s were all stylistic. The mastermind behind each iconic look was costume designer Joseph Aulisi, who was called three weeks before filming began and who had to create 3,000 outfits for the entire cast of the film in record time (angels only, wearing 50 looks each) . The biggest challenge was to create the latest fashion costumes that at the same time could be tough enough to withstand all the numerous fight scenes. The three women are different from each other but complementary, and so are their styles. Dylan, Natalie and Alex were fashionable once and still are.

Drew Barrymore is Dylan Sanders , the rebel of the group. A life of uncertainty has made her a free and enterprising spirit: bartender, yoga instructor, rodeos ... anything you can imagine Dylan did. Her style reflects her personality: vintage bohemian, she is flower-power and the colors that represent her are bright. Its strong point is being able to alternate an off-duty look made of Steve Austin t-shirts with breathtaking clothes in full vamp style. For Aulisi from Barrymore, it is necessary to enhance the shoulders and the neckline and so the famous biker suit was born that made the entire male universe fall in love.

Cameron Diaz instead is Natalie Cook , the perfect American girl next door. She's a dancer, but she can't dance, she's beautiful and she doesn't know she is. I paint her looks like the wild Californian spinning on the skatebord, wearing hippie denim pants, tight dresses and baby tees. Among its best looks certainly the red one-shoulder top paired with low-waisted jeans, the iconic if not bizarre mix of men's underwear (complete with Spiderman) and baby tees and finally the skater uniform that covers micro shorts, crop tank top, bandana and nike cortez: nothing too far from what a young Cameron Diaz would have worn at the time

Finally, Lucy Liu is Alex Munday, the brains of the group and certainly the most sophisticated. At 13 he already surpassed his parents in intelligence and his adolescence passed between Tibetan monks and Olympic competitions. Her looks are characterized by an almost absolute presence of leather that transforms into bustiers, tight skirts and tight pants.


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