Zheng Yunlong Is the New Blood in Chinese Musicals

Remaining true to his original aspiration, Zheng will always keep going and keep his dream firmly in mind.
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This shooting allowed Zheng Yunlong to realize the feeling of being a farmer. The straw was laid everywhere, the dog was running around in the studio without a rope, and various specimens of palm-sized insects. It all made Zheng Yunlong's childish unreservedly appear on the shooting day. In his own words, "I am really a very curious person. I am very curious about the style you want to shoot and the main purpose of the video. If it is something I have not tried before, I am very interested to express." As it is, he is clearly in front of the camera, and occasionally makes some funny expressions, picks up a straw and puts it on his mouth, it is really a bit leisurely meaning, a child's heart is hidden under the appearance of an adult.

For children, curiosity is their born ability. For Zheng Yunlong, curiosity is still the most important part of his personality. "The most important thing in our industry is to be curious at all times. You need to observe every little thing that happens around you and observe everyone you meet." As we grow older, we seem to gradually adopt the curiosity trait after thinking about it, calmness and indifference will seal us without gaps, we suppress our desire to explore, and restraint has become a measure of an adult. Although Zheng Yunlong is generally sensible and indifferent in the public's field of vision, and maintains a proper distance from the audience, in the private world, he breaks through the heavy constraints and has a glimpse of the sky. All the strong feelings are fully displayed on the stage. However, after leaving the stage, he will converge his outbreak of emotion in front of the camera and appear light and natural, which is really a contradiction. Fans who know him well know that he is reluctant to say anything when it comes to entertainment, but when it comes to professional issues such as musicals, he always has something to say, but this time, in face-to-face chat, we found that he inadvertently showed the childishness, all the seemingly incompatible contradictions were mixed on his body, but strangely, there was no violation, making every kind contradict existence has become reasonable, yes, this is truly Zheng Yunlong.

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In the past few months, Zheng Yunlong has been taking a rest at home for a while. The musical drama business was suddenly pressed the pause button. Many performance plans this year also need to be overturned to reset. "Are you feeling panic?" We asked him this way, Zheng Yunlong shrugged and said: "Although many things that were originally made cannot be done at this stage, it is better to take this opportunity to settle down. This It’s a rare time for me. I can study with peace of mind and see more things, which will also help the future."

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Zheng Yunlong's Weibo doesn't like to take selfies, most of them share what musicals he has watched recently, but the description of the content is also very few. The digital generation is not very detailed. Sometimes it is set by the system to "share pictures", but sometimes use the word "Wow" to express his mood, but seeing this, fans naturally appreciate it. There seems to be a tacit agreement between him and the people who know him. No need to repeat the language. Good works need to be tasted and tasted. He put all his sights on himself back to musicals and dramas. In the spotlight, we were able to understand more excellent works from his perspective. This is really the best of both worlds. This is his original intention to engage in musicals, but also his persistence and direction. Acting in a musical is not only a job for him, but also a responsibility. Every role is fresh and full of life meaning for him. He explained it to more people with a firm taste. The voice became louder and more heated.


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Regarding the future, in fact, Zheng Yunlong does not have much established imagination, "I hope that the future is getting better and better, more and more things are tried, and the requirements for myself are higher and higher, and many previous problems can be solved", Zheng Yun Long said that he could not give a very clear answer, probably because he was still curious about his future. Why set too many limits for yourself? Curiosity is based on the known basis, but it will be infinitely excited because of the unknown. This is a continuous development process, so we only hope that everything can develop in a good direction, even if there are branches on the road, it is regarded as some unexpected scenery, this is the most authentic life. "I only hope I can still keep my innocence when growing older."


"It's not just ten years later, I hope when I'm sixty, seventy, or eighty years old, and I'm still a curious person."

Executive Producer: Adam Feng

Producer: Sami Zhang

Artist Coordinator:Landy Sun

Photography: Li anqi

Video: Youdianshimao

Styling: Huahui

Hair&Makeup: Zhaikejia

Interview: Lin

Layout Design: Channing Zhang

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