Trends from London Fashion Week Menswear

The 10 trends from the Fall Winter 2020 collections presented during the London fashion shows
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London Fashion Week Menswear has ended and, like every year, English fashion trends are ever more numerous and with an exclusive and unsuspected point of view. British taste always carries with it the revisited codes of the punk counterculture of the 70s but with a more contemporary and fresh interpretation. This season will bring with it the triumph of prints, from naive to floral and psychedelic graphics, but a nostalgic feeling of return to the minimalist order of the 90s fashion continues to remain. The proportions in the details of the clothes and accessories also change, the pockets become an inevitable element in the collections of British designers which is inserted for functionality and aesthetics.
Here is a recap of the men's fashion shows with the trends of the Fall Winter 2020 collections in London.


A trend that for the Autumn Winter 2020 collections is interpreted figuratively as in the case of Xander Zhou but also in a conceptual way by Martine Rose and Edward Crutchley with a pure mix of stylistic and aesthetic languages.



We speak of a naive or naive style, a primitive representation approach with a significant conceptual and technical simplification. Bethany Williams and Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY have entered saturated and violent colors this season.


Jamaican Reference

Wales Bonner celebrates raggae culture by re-proposing the colors of the Jamaican palette and hats inspired by Rastafarian culture. Martine Rose uses ethnic prints and her iteration is even more oblique, recalling with her collection a pair of XXXL pants that her uncle of the Farah brand used .


Minimalist tailoring

Also this season at LFWM there is no shortage of minimalist cuts such as those made by Chalayan and Pronounce , to maintain a more essential and clean elegance.



London Fashion Week celebrates punk culture like every year. This time with a more contemporary approach told by the theatrical and irreverent Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, but also by Martine Rose for the use of materials such as vinyl, leather and clubwear.


Print mix

London's Fall Winter 2020 collections are the triumph of prints. From the psychederlical graphics of Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, to the illustrative prints of Astrid Andersen, Bethany Williams and Edward Crutchley.



Trench coat, blazer but also sleeveless pants and jackets, leather is one of the most used materials by British brands. Among the brands that made Martine Rose, Pronounce and Wales Bonner leather garments to name a few.



From the uniforms of the future of Xander Zhou to the tracksuits of Astrid Andersen, the designers of the LFWM have interpreted the vision of futuristic clothing.


Pocket mania

The pockets become a real seasonal trend, stolen from military clothing, they become an element present in the Fall Winter 2020 collections of Astrid Andersen, Studio Alch, Chalayan and Martine Rose.


Bold details

With the London Fashion Week Menswear the proportions of the clothes and accessories also change. From the extra buttons of Pronounce and the immense lapels of Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY up to the boots and XXXL pants of Martine Rose.


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