Thierry Mugler: his career in 5 minutes

On the occasion of the birthday of the French couturier we tell all the stages of the French designer who enchanted the fashion system of the Eighties with unmistakable clothes with a revolutionary style
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On the podium of the golden age of the 80s in addition to Claude Montana , Azzedine Alaïa and Jean-Paul Gaultier , one of the designers who redefined the history of fashion is Thierry Mugler . And if revolutionary is a term that must be well dosed, for the designer from Strasbourg it is the perfect adjective to use. His style became famous for his cultural research and inspiration: from American cars of the seventies, to film noir up to the world of insects. Eccentric and creative, he transformed women into timeless goddesses, with opulent and creative outfits inspired by fantastic creatures and impossible universes.


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Thierry moved to Paris in 1970, at the time he worked as a window dresser, and in his spare time he devoted himself to the figurative representation of imaginary couture dresses.


The young French designer manages to create his first clothing collection entitled " Café de Paris" and in 1972 and founded his namesake brand in 1975.


In 1991 he asked Diana Ross to show in Paris for her summer collection. She accepted immediately and it was the first time that a singer-actress walked the runway for a clothing brand.


During the fashion show of the Fall Winter 1997 collection, he presented a woman with an almost monstrous appearance: a hybrid between a seirena and a bird. Entirely covered in scales and feathers, she charmed with her magnetic, almost feline gaze. It took six weeks of work to make the dress, 24 hours a day, with twenty people working day and night.


Thierry Mugler for the Couture Spring 1997 collection brings to the stage a fashion show inspired by insects. The clothes have a defined body conscious structure, with theatrical exaggerations. Fly sunglasses, beetle corsets and antennae. The parade closure look is a corset designed on the silhouette of a butterfly.

1608742043013121 spring summer 1997 master


“I have always tried to sublimate the body and allow people to dream” in fact, the work on the woman's body was also revolutionary for the use of new shapes and materials, metal corsets with a shower of crystals, plexiglass and acetate.

1608742043260675 thierry mugler lofficielitalia1608742043531991 thierry mugler runway model wearing metal armour body suit and arm guards lofficielitalia


Since 1992 Thierry Mugler has focused on his fragrance line, in collaboration with Clarins. Often starting from rare raw materials, the creative identifies unexpected associations, Mugler perfumes are persistent fragrances, perfectly recognizable. The Angel fragrance was born, one of the best-selling perfumes in the world characterized by the iconic star bottle. Then in 2005 another great success driven by Alien , a perfume that can be traced back to the fantastic universe of Mugler that marked the first decades of 2000.

Among Mugler's most famous creations we also remember the corsets worn by Madonna during concerts, and the super sexy dresses by Sharon Stone.

1608742044063612 fashion fetish fantasy00021608742044315568 tm fashion show 1


In 2003 the designer retired from the scene, abandoning the clothing sector to devote himself exclusively to perfumes and photography.


In 2010 Nicola Formichetti became the creative director of the Maison. Under his creative direction, the brand has also dressed pop star Lady Gaga and Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, dee-jay and Canadian model who has become a famous model and testimonial of the brand.

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