The luxurious self-catering house that floats on water

Residence of 241 m2 supports winds with the force of a hurricane and can be yours for US $ 5.8 million
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Presented at the Miami Yacht Show, the houseboat can reach speeds of up to 13 km / h and adapt to climate change and winds with the force of a hurricane is already on our list of super wishes. The residence has four hydraulic elevators that allow anchoring at the bottom of the ocean and raising the boat above sea level with the touch of a button.

Designed with walls and windows that support Category 4 winds on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (maximum speed of 248 km / h), the house is also completely self-contained, with solar panels on the roof and a rainwater harvesting system. The boat can also travel by open sea thanks to two electric thrusters with power of 136 horses. The price of the house, of 241 square meters, starts in the range of US $ 5.4 million and goes up to US $ 5.8 million in the case of the furnished version.

The company behind the project was associated with a Brazilian furniture brand to design the home model, since the company only uses wood extracted from sectors that require immediate reforestation as soon as the trees are harvested and approved for use by the Ministry of the Environment Environment.

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