Lamborghini: an all-Italian story of passion and engines

A glorious past, a present full of novelties and a future to be written. The DNA of super sports cars inspires the SS20 clothing line
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Born under the sign of the Taurus, Ferruccio Lamborghini, (today the bull is reproduced on the shield of all the cars bearing his name), grows in Emilia. His is a peasant family. Earth workers, pragmatic, shrewd people who never, ever would have imagined seeing their name on a car body. Luxury. It is the beginning of the twentieth century and the boy prefers engines to agricultural activity. A determination that led him first to found a tractor company and then the historic Lamborghini . Italian excellence, synonymous with those who made it because they know how to look far and recognize quality and avant-garde. It also fascinates the representatives of the show biz, and the most famous singers of the American scene (just take a look on Instagram to see the most popular rappers, Travis Scott, or Off-Set immortalized in front of a Lamborghini). Today Automobili Lamborghini is not only the name of four-wheeled jewelry, but it is also a clothing brand. After the launch four years ago during Milan fashion week, Automobili Lamborghini presented at Pitti Uomo, at the Limonaia of Villa Vittoria, (at the gates of the Fortezza da Basso) the ready-to-wear collection, accessories and footwear for spring -Summer 2020. A total look divided into 3 worlds (or segments, themes): Informal Luxury, which combines elegant and semi-formal style with technology and sportiness at the same time. The packable superlight jacket with a camouflage interior is then a highlight. It is then featured on sweatshirts and T-shirts. The casual line, with attractive graphics and contemporary wearability. Interesting outerwear with luminescent inserts on the sleeves and reflective logos. Finally, the Official Pilot which, as the name suggests, is the most dynamic collection with a strong technological heritage. Symbol of the Supercar Jacket in black leather with racing cuts and selvans green profiles.
The collection is produced and distributed by Swinger in single-brand stores and specialized corners (to date in 30 countries). To tell this new path Katia Bassi - Chief Marketing Officer & Board Member of Automobili Lamborghini; Mitja Borkert - Head of Design at Automobili Lamborghini and Mathias Facchini - CEO of the Swinger group.
The history of Lamborghini is made of great successes and the name Lamborghini is synonymous with luxury. Today for Hollywood stars and music, successful men and women, buying a super sports car means experiencing a goal that is finally achieved .

How does the clothing line fit into this picture?
Katia Bassi: “Our menswear line is aimed at both our customers and those who appreciate the innovative features of the brand while not having a super sports car. As for the cars, the quality of the materials and the realization are taken care of in every single aspect. Even the graphics are a declination of the stylistic features of the cars, and for example hexagons and Y are inserted in an essential and clean design. The brand's philosophy is to not only offer products but an experience, and clothing is part of this experience.

How has the aesthetics of cars changed over the years?
Mitja Borkert: “Generally the design of the cars reflects the era in which they were created. The design of the Lamborghini, on the other hand, always anticipates the times. Let's take the Miura as an example: with its soft surfaces it was the first supersport approved with a central V12 engine and the first and only car with eyelashes. The Countach, unexpectedly, instead of being inspired by those who preceded it, boldly shows the world its silhouette defined by a single line and its sharp but sinuous contours: at that time and still today it looks like a spaceship. Hence its name, a Piedmontese exclamation to express the total amazement: Countach!
Success after success it is clear that the design of each Lamborghini must be iconic, precise and avant-garde, inspired by our incredible history and at the same time capable of defining new style languages, to ensure that by seeing them you still want to exclaim: Countach! "

And how have customers changed?
Katia Bassi: “Our customers retain the same need of the past to own a luxury item, with top features in terms of quality, performance and exclusivity. Their average age is constant over time and generally younger than the customers of other luxury automotive brands. The very recent major change is closely linked to the introduction of Urus, the first Super SUV, which has practically doubled sales and above all has expanded the customer base. In fact, around 75% of URUS customers are new customers ".

What are the new requirements?
Katia Bassi: “Lamborghini customers, unlike past decades, do not want to buy a product but an experience. Therefore it is very important to combine an excellent product with moments that include the Lamborghini world. Connectivity is certainly one of the most important aspects, intended both as digital connectivity and as a continuous link to the company. The Unica App, dedicated solely to customers, is the perfect example for this connectivity, which updates the customer in preview on the news and offers exclusive content. Another aspect of the experience is given by the personalization, which allows the customer to make his Lamborghini choosing every single detail ".

How did you conceive this new collection for Lamborghini? What is the starting point and what do you expect?
Mathias Facchini : "Our goal is to offer customers a contemporary and functional style that reflects the image of the brand with attention to detail, innovative materials, prints that recall the Lamborghini world. Given the positive reaction of the market with the previous season, especially the most appreciated parts were developed and therefore T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, sneakers often playing with new graphics applied to the brand, prints in original techniques, colors and camouflage themes Lamborghini ".

The needs of those who practice sports are performance and comfort. How does this collection satisfy you?
Mathias Facchini : "We welcomed this customer need by developing the product of the Official Pilot capsule, with a typical dynamic character combined with high-performance materials such as bioceramic fabric with antibacterial and thermoregulating properties, ideal for sports and everyday life at high temperatures. The sporty character of the Official Pilot is well identified in the reflex material, 3d mesh and carbon-effect prints, present both in clothing and in accessories that also include a Sport Bag ”.

How was the technology applied in this collection?
Mathias Facchini: “We particularly like to mention the light padded jackets with the innovative graphene fiber that guarantees thermal insulation properties, antistatic and antibacterial power. To allow the customer to appreciate this novelty, the inner lining of the garments shows a transparent "window" that allows to see the graphene of the padding. In the collection we also offer abrasive materials, totally waterproof, luminescent, carbon effect that embellish numerous garments, giving "technical" characteristics consistent with the Lamborghini image, completing a total functional look ".

Sustainability. Much has been said about this year's Pitti. How did you approach this topic in producing this collection?
Mathias Facchini : "Attention has been given to the" sustainability "of the product, including eco-sustainable materials and yarns such as bioceramic fabric, 100% natural, non-toxic and without chemical products, with properties such as the shielding of FIR rays, insulation thermal, the shielding of UV-A and UV-B rays and the active barrier against the sun's rays. It is an example of the union between eco-sustainability and innovative qualities ".


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