Hermès holidaymaker

Véronique Nichanian accompanies the man from the French fashion house on a refined journey. Animating the courtyard with the minimalist architecture of the Mobilier national with abstract prints and bold color combinations
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A string of chairs all different from each other. Special and unique, between historical pieces and contemporary models. They are the real protagonists of the Hermès by Véronique Nichaninan shows . They are the ones who dress the courtyard with the minimalist architecture of the Mobilier national. What comes to life with a chic vacationer's potato. Ready to wear the elegant charm of the brand, which this season dares to match unexpected colors. The season explores tips of pink, yellow or turquoise called to interrupt the tranquility of a luxuriously bored wardrobe. Where the tones of browns and blues triumph. Where there are no lace-ups but only deluxe sandals with a rubber sole. Where bags explore iconic archival forms or indulge in contrasting graphics inspired by the world of tires. And where geometric graphics of Futurist art appear on the silk thread polo shirts. All before the grand finale, when the essence of the maison goes up on the platform: a parade of jackets, shirts and bomber jackets dressed in some iconic foulard prints of the brand, re-thought with a modern eye and remixed together. On all dominates that of the last jacket, with tropical shades. Where among arabesques and friezes that chase each other, there are also holiday landscapes and stylized surfboards. Because in the Hermès home it is really vacation time.


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