Harry will take more than 1 decade to repay British public coffers

Harry and Meghan will pay monthly installments of 127 thousand reais to the country.
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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will take more than a decade to repay UK public coffers for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, a residence located in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The couple would be organizing to make the payment of many monthly installments of £ 18 thousand, something around 127 thousand reais, over 11 years. The £ 2.4 million, more than R $ 17 million, was withdrawn from the country's public coffers to pay for the renovation of the property that would be the official residence of the Dukes of Sussex before they left royalty and moved to the United States. .

When requesting the removal, Harry and Markle were systematically disapproved and after a series of negotiations and agreements they undertook to return the amount. The reform was the target of criticism and requests for investigation to ascertain the amounts spent. Nearby sources say the couple would have invested fortunes in a transformation of the property, with vegan and sustainable walls, furniture and structures.

Even though they were removed from their occupation in British royalty and could no longer use the title of Royal Highness, the residence is still intended for use by Harry and Meghan when they are in the United Kingdom.

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