Harry Styles in Treat People with kindness

Featuring a very famous guest
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Old glamorous and sparks for the new music video of Harry Styles "Treat people with kindness". Once again the singer proved to be the fashion icon of the year. Starring along the actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), the duo managas to dance iin glitter jackets and cordinated set. A pleasure for the eyes. And if you're wondering which Maison had the opportunity to dress both of the stars, well the answer is quite simple... Gucci! Alessandro Michele is the best friend of the singer and provides him all his best and most talked about outfits (like the dress) giving to the "soft boy aestethic" a whole new meaning. It's time to reject toxic masculinty and welcome this new healthy change in the men's world. We really couldn't wait for it. And it seems like there was no better way than to celebrate equality for both girls and boys than a song that inspires people in doing good.

The presence of Phoebe wasn't confirmed until the music video was finally out, but there were some rumors about it. The actress joins the stage in the nightclub where Harry is singing and dancing. The video might be in black and white but it doesn't seem at all! The song' colours pop everytime the funny notes hit in. Does Harry Styles just saved 2021?


Harry Styles

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