END X Nanamica "Heather"

British countryside's natural beauty mixed with sporting Japanese design
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The heritage of British countryside and the energy of Japan, the vibrant beauty of heather that joins the world of street wear: the first END collection X Nanamica "Heather" reflects the world of nature today. Purple, beige and charcoal grey, the colour palette recalling heathers' bloom season in the Northern Hemisphere, comes together to create elegant and timeless pieces. The typical Japanese design blends perfectly into British' essentiality: Polartec fleece jackets, rugby shirts, sweatshirts, organic cotton COOLMAX jersey tees and accessories, all revisited in a modern way, showing the contemporary approach to the menswear.

Easy to wear during the day, cool to wear in the night: nature has no limits and so this collection. For people who likes to be carefree, fashionable and appreciate a good minimalism Japanese’s design. The entire collection is the ally you need to avoid being caught out in the cold.

Available from today on END's website


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