Alexander McQueen's tailoring

In the splendid setting of the Charter House the new Alexander McQueen collection was staged, starting from the brand's past and looking to the future of menswear with renewed authority.
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An intimate presentation in an imposing Cistercian monastery to tell a new chapter in its history. The choice of the ancient salons of the London Charter House turned out to be winning and damn McQueen , with the collection in splendid harmony inside the ancient halls of the structure. A presentation of renewed authority that aims to establish an increasingly articulated dialogue and confrontation with womenswear and that chooses to start again from the history of the brand in defining its own aesthetics. In particular, Sarah Burton wanted to open the memory drawer and go back to the 90s and to the numerous trips made in Japan with Alexander Lee, infusing the stylistic research of that period with a decidedly current allure. The maniacal attention to detail is striking , both in the construction and in the embroidery: the tailoring is precise and sharp, sometimes softened by very delicate English broderie , sometimes embellished with embroidery of crystals and cabochons that give us a splendid performance of horror vacui .


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