Nişantaşı's new voice

Combining the art of jewelery with a modern interpretation, Begüm Khan's first store opened its doors in Nişantaşı.
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Designer Begüm Kıroğlu opened its doors in Art Deco Gemini Apartment in Nişantaşı, the first store of its brand Begüm Khan, which combines mystic eastern culture with modern elegance. The store, in which Ottoman antiques are blended with Far Eastern works, reminds as a personal hall, unlike the stores we are accustomed to, attracts attention to Begüm Khan's elaborate green walls painted with indispensable green and detailed with antiques from the designer's family collection.

Chinoiserie paintings are located next to the carved ceiling of a historic building, while priceless tile vases, taxidermy birds, Chinese lacquer cabinets, Art Deco mirrors and ceramic dragons are complementary to the decoration. The store reminds visitors of the historical streets of Istanbul. Moreover, Egyptian scraps, which inspire Begüm Kıroğlu's iconic designs, appear on the walls as bronze appliqués, and other plants and animals in antique engravings that beautifully fill the place. The mantis sculpture represents the aim the designer is trying to convey: empowering women.


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