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Get into the Groove with Our Quintessential 4/20 Playlist

Grab your favorite strain and turn the volume up!
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It’s finally 4/20. You’re with your friends.  You’ve secured the bag. Now what?  We’re here to make sure your 4/20 goes as smoothly as possible by eliminating the whole What do we listen to? factor. Announcing L’Officiel’s official 420 playlist that’s equal parts relaxing and energizing, never sacrificing the quality of content or kush.

Ganja Babe - Michael Franti

No 420 would be complete without a little Michael Franti.  Channeling our younger weed smoking selves with this vintage classic, it would be a crime not to pay tribute to our rebellious youths.

Because I Got High - Afroman

Reminicent of a high school party, Afroman's classic hit brings us back to a better time when both we and the weed were freer.

Kids - MGMT

This is the perfect song to whip out to impress your friends who appreciate a throwback more than a fine glass of wine.  MGMT is always sure to impress.  Be sure to listen when you're in the mood to dance.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

If you're looking to get in touch with your *~feelings*~* this song is the ticket.  Whether you're in the mood for a good cry or you just wnt to be in the feels for a minute, this song is perfect for the ocassion.  Best listened to alone, but can definitely spark some interesting conversation in a group setting.

Young, Wild & Free - Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars

Another song that reminds us of our youths, this Wiz Khalifa hit reminds us to allow ourselves to be silly and just enjoy the moment.

Bomb Intro/ Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliott

Lest us not forget the one and only rule of 420: pass that dutch.  Missy Elliott reminds us of the important things and keeps us humble.  Listen with gratitude.

D’Evils - SiR

This moody track encompases the range of emotions felt when smoking weed, especially when you get into that state of deep thinking and OMG realizations.

Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi reminds us that the pursuit of happiness doesn't have to be an arduous journey, but can be experienced through listening to his music.

Paper Planes - MIA

If you're smoking a sativa, this song is right for you.  Upbeat and energetic, just like the kush you're consuming, this song is sure to bring the dance party.

Mary Jane Holland - Lady Gaga

Although Lady Gaga might be known for her extreme range and recent role in A Star is Born, she's also a talented songwriter who often dips into the weed jar.  If you want a song that epitomizes the excitment felt smoking weed on a trip in Amsterdam, Lady Gaga's your gal.

James Joint - Rihanna

If you're an empowered stoner who enjoys feeling like a bad ass who can accomplish anything, Rihanna will be your spirit guide on your journey this 420.  Kick back, listen to Anti and get into those DMs.

Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty

Tom Petty is classic rock and you know what pairs well with classic rock?  qMaryjane.  Nuff' said.

Chamber of Reflection - Mac DeMarco

Doing some personal reflection or just want to do some #thinking and have #alonetime during your smoke sesh?  Mac DeMarco has got you.

High By The Beach - Lana Del Ray

If you're on that chilled out beachy vibe, be sure to listen to High By The Beach.  Disclaimer: can be listened to when not on the beach.

High Time - Kacey Musgraves

If you're riding high off those yeehaw vibes that have been in recent circulation, with the resurgence of country music such as Oldtown Road (debatable), this @spaceykacey track is what you need to listen to when sparking up.

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