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Brooke Candy's Latest Single XXXTC Is an Anthem for Female Sexual Gratifica

The new release comes in anticipation of the rapper's upcoming album, Sexorcism.
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Just when you thought Hot Girl Summer was taking a dip, Brooke Candy, Charli XCX, and Maliibu Miitch have tossed their hats into the ring with a triple XXX-plicit sex-positive anthem. “XXXTC” is a thumping tribute to Brooke’s sexual prowess, with lines like, “I’m a sex witch, fat pussy hex” equal parts feminist and braggadocious. Candy isn’t the first female rapper to adopt an almost dominatrix-like persona, but “XXXTC” excels in its straightforward embrace of female sexuality, self-confidence, and pleasure in an era where the orgasm gap is still leaving women unsatisfied in bed. The artist describes the single as a “female-empowering stripper anthem,” but women of all professions can subscribe to the take-what-you-deserve mentality. 

Charli is characteristically cool in her feature, rapping lines chock-full of pop culture reference and nostalgia, like “Me and Brooke 2013-ing.” What does that mean? 2013 was the year Charli XCX released her album True Romance and began working on a breakout project. In 2014, she hopped on Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” to top the charts. Maybe 2013-ing refers to the up-and-coming grind, the race to the peak that keeps artists from getting complacent. Maybe it’s the early, intoxicating foray into world fame. 

Whatever it is, “XXXTC” is certainly the song to blast in the Uber on the way to the club, or even just in the subway on the way to work when you want to reflect on your latest weekend conquest. The new single is the latest in the rollout for her upcoming album, Sexorcism, set for release in September of this year. If Brooke Candy’s music is anything like her pussy, she’ll have you coming back for more. 

Listen to "XXXTC" ft. Charli XCX and Maliibu Miitch here:

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