When the mountain is gourmet: high-altitude starred restaurants

From Bolzano to St. Moritz, the starred mountain restaurants to try (in our opinion)
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As the saying reads, it is hungry in the mountains. And not only because the kilometers of slopes, after a while, are felt, but above all because it is (almost) impossible to resist in front of such an abundance of meats, cheeses, polenta and steaming dishes. If mountain shelters are the ideal stop to recover from a day of sport, the starred mountain restaurants are the icing to end a day on the snow. From Bolzano to St. Moritz, the best mountain star restaurants (according to us).

Starred mountain restaurants: Zur Rose in San Michele (Bolzano)

The territory of Bolzano has several starred restaurants , such as Herbert Hintner's Zur Rose . Starred since 1995, here the traditional cuisine is not intended solely as a pleasure for the palate, but above all as something to be preserved according to a specific social responsibility. The menu, which varies according to the seasons, includes all the best of this land, as shown by some of the most famous dishes created by the chef. It goes from the millefeuille of cornmeal with vinaigrette to cumin with pumpkin cappuccino with gorgonzola cream, without forgetting the legendary panettone soufflé with orange sauce and honey zabaglione.

Starred mountain restaurants: Dolomieu in Madonna di Campiglio

The chef Fabio Groppi , half of Ligurian and half Piedmontese, who was already a spike at Escargot in Costa Rei in the province of Cagliari and in Val Badia, took us to collect the starry heritage of Enrico Croatti . Only seven tables are available at the Madonna di Campiglio Dolomieu, on which dishes born of a brilliant mind are served, capable of uniting the sea and the mountains without overdoing them. A place to indulge in a special evening, ideal if you live in two.

Starred mountain restaurants: Tivoli in Cortina D'Ampezzo

Cortina is one of the most glamorous ski destinations in Italy, loved by both the celeb and the beautiful world. Along the Falzarego Pass road there is the Tivoli , an indispensable gourmet stop with a Michelin star. Here the environment, intimate and collected, is the setting for dishes featuring local products, such as Lamon beans, Cadore mushrooms or Alpago lamb.

Starred mountain restaurants: From Vittorio to St. Moritz

Also famous internationally, St. Moritz is a gem. And it is right here, a few steps from the Italian border, that the Cerea brothers have chosen to open a second home of their historic restaurant. From Vittorio St. Moritz , located in the splendid setting of the Hotel Carlton , is according to many one of the best restaurants in the Engadine. If the Cerea Brothers are already tristellated, in 2014 the mountain restaurant also reached the Michelin star. Among the dishes do not miss the classic paccheri alla Vittorio but also the black cod with turnip tops, romesco sauce and bacon emulsion.

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