The 10 most popular classic cocktails in the world (from 10 to 6)

Drinks International's Annual Report 2021 reveals which drinks are the most popular
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Lovers of mixology in 2020 have stayed away from cocktail bar counters for a long time but, apparently, their desire to " drink well " has not subsided at all. Despite the numerous closures and reductions in hours, this year too, the English magazine Drinks International has drawn up the long-awaited ranking of the most popular classic cocktails in the world .

Here we reveal the latest positions, from the tenth to the sixth, along with the cocktail recipes to prepare at home to enjoy these great mixing classics.


10 - Mojito

The writer Ernest Hemingway was an admirer and loved to taste it at the counter of the famous Bodeguita del Medio in Havana. And it is precisely in Cuba that Mojito , a great rum-based classic, is born. Here are the doses and ingredients needed to make a textbook one:

45 ml of Cuban white rum
20 ml of fresh lime juice
6 mint leaves
2 teaspoons of brown sugar

A curiosity? Actually the Mojito is not a pounded cocktail. The official recipe of the International Bartenders Association calls for mixing (and not crushing!) The mint leaves with sugar and lime juice. The glass will then be filled with ice, rum and filled with soda, and then decorated with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.

9. Aperol Spritz

Its name is synonymous with happy hour . Yes, it is precisely the Spritz , which this year is confirmed in the top ten of the most popular classic cocktails in the world . Whether it's thanks to the orange color of Aperol, to the sparkling prosecco that tickle the palate or to its ease of drinking, it doesn't matter. This cocktail entered by right in the IBA classification, which in 2011 codified the recipe. There are three ingredients and they all combine directly into the glass.

90 ml of prosecco
60 ml of Aperol
Splash of soda

Just mix them gently with a bar spoon and decorate the glass with a slice of orange. To vary the recipe you can replace Aperol with Campari for a more bitter result, or with Cynar or Select, the Venetian aperitif par excellence.

8. Manhattan

Sipping a Manhattan is like retracing the liquid history of 20th century mixology. Among the numerous stories about his creation, the recurring element is the city that gave him birth. Vibrant New York , which also gives it the name of its district enclosed between Hudson and Harlem. Here are the ingredients to prepare it:

50 ml of rye whiskey
20 ml of red vermouth
1 dash by Angostura Bitters

The American rye whiskey drink is prepared in a mixing glass filled with ice. All the ingredients must be mixed well to bring them to the right serving temperature, and then filter them inside an iced cup with the help of a strainer. The ideal decoration? Without a doubt a maraschino cherry.

7. Whiskey Sour

The "sour" cocktails are a certainty and really satisfy all palates. W hiskey Sour , in particular, is very popular with drink lovers who are approaching blended bourbon for the first time. Ideal for a drink on warm summer evenings, or to accompany a winter aperitif, to make it you need:

45 ml of bourbon whiskey
25 ml of fresh lemon juice
20 ml of sugar syrup
20 ml of egg white (to taste)

All the ingredients will be placed in a shaker filled with ice, shaken vigorously and then filtered with a strainer inside a cup. Those who love the “ on the rocks ” version can instead taste it in a low glass filled with ice. The egg white, capable of making the mixture even more creamy, requires a second shake without ice to achieve a perfect texture on the palate. Finally, the glass will be decorated with orange zest and a maraschino cherry.

6. Espresso Martini

What happened in London in 1983 when a customer ordered a drink “ to wake her up and f ** k her up ” at the counter? Well, Dick Bradsell of Soho Brasserie created the Espresso Martini . Formerly called "Vodka Espresso", this cocktail is now one of the most served in bars all over the world. There are four ingredients to prepare it.

50 ml of Vodka
30 ml of coffee liqueur
10 ml of sugar syrup
1 cup of Espresso (strong!)

Place all components in an ice shaker and shake well before filtering the mixture into a pre-cooled martini glass. Espresso Martini is served like this, without any decoration.

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