It's beautiful and it's good: the Moon Milk

It may be the first time you hear his name. However, the Moon Milk is one of the new stars of healthy eating.

We are now looking for answers to many health problems with natural methods, and the power of plants never ceases to amaze us. Ayurveda, which provides a holistic recovery process by balancing the mind and body, is one such alternative solution. The Moon Milk, literally "moon milk", is part of Ayurveda and offers a unique nutritional program. It is a very effective way to combat insomnia and stress. So, what does this booming phenomenon actually consist of?

Moon Milk is an Ayurvedic drink obtained by mixing adaptogenic spices or superfoods such as turmeric, spirulina or matcha with milk. The preparation of moon milk, which you can replace with your usual hot milk, is quite simple. Heat your milk, add a quarter of a teaspoon of the spices of your choice and add a little honey according to your convenience. In no time, your Moon Milk is finally ready. This way you can fall asleep more calmly and calm down when you feel anxious or stressed.

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