The celebrity owned restaurants worth checking out in London

Ed Sheeran, Lewis Hamilton , Guy Ritchie, David Beckham and more. Discover all the London's restaurants own by your favorite celebs
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Who doesn’t enjoy food? From delicious takeaway seafood to prime fine dining hotspots, London is a city which certainly caters for the food lovers among us. The choice of different cuisines on offer is vast, and the quality of it is - on the whole - exceptional. 

Now, celebrities are wanting a slice of the pie. Numerous big names from the world of music and television - alongside a whole host of other famous faces from different genres - have decided to venture into the restaurant business. We’ve seen countless celebrities attempt to enter this space in the past, with some doing well and others not so much. Still, with the amount of money they have at their disposal, alongside a passion for food according to some of them, means that London’s restaurant scene has had the celebrity treatment. 

A lot of these restaurants look like they’re here to stay, too. This isn’t just a quick fix for a bored pop star; it’s a passionate project they believe in. So, without further ado, here’s a look at some of the celebrity-owned restaurants worth checking out in the capital.

Bertie Blossoms 

Located in Notting Hill, Bertie Blossoms is owned by one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Ed Sheeran. The boy from Ipswich clearly wanted to create a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, almost similar to a local boozer, with a chilled vibe suitable for good catch-ups or even lunches for one as you try some tasty grub and relax with some casino games at If you’re partial to tasty cocktails, alongside munching on some delicious cuisine, then give Bertie Blossoms a try. 


Neat Burger 

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has long been championing vegan cuisine and a vegan way of life, which is why his move into the restaurant business comes as no surprise whatsoever. Neat Burger, on Princes Street, is a fast-food chain with sustainability at the forefront. For example, for every plate of deliciousness sold at Neat Burger, a tree is planted. The restaurant also works in partnership with plant-based brands, The Eden Projects and Beyond Meat. If you’re keen to try fast food done healthier, then definitely visit Neat Burger.


Walmer Castle 

Guy Ritchie and David Beckham’s Walmer Castle is a swanky pub in Notting Hill serving up pub classics and some of the best booze in the business. After purchasing the pub for £3million, the former footballer and movie director have created a popular spot for locals thanks to its inviting, cosy atmosphere. If you’re looking for a winter venue, then Walmer Castle is hard to beat.


Nobu London

You’ll struggle to find a celebrity-owned restaurant as good as Nobu. With over 29 restaurants all over the world, Nobu London came to life thanks to Robert De Niro pleading with his friend Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (Nobu) to open a restaurant. It started in New York, and now Nobu London is here. Its offerings are quite spectacular too, with innovative plates served up on a regular basis. It’s fresh and tasty cuisine also, although be warned, it doesn’t come cheap.


The Parrot 

Owned by Idris Elba and twins Lee and Nicky Caulfield, The Parrot is way more than just a live music venue. In fact, it offers good food and spectacular cocktails while you take in some of London’s best music. The venue even offers a chauffeur-driven car, which is the first of its kind in the capital. The Parrot isn’t necessarily a fine dining experience many perhaps want, but if you’re after a fun night out, then it has you covered. 


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