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Vivienne Westwood on the notes of Mozart

A Spring Summer 2020 fashion show featuring 800 volumes and sustainability
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The title of Vivienne Westwood's show is " Rock me Amadeus", where the figure of Mozart inspires nineteenth-century hairstyles but also the spool shapes of heels and of course the crinoline volumes for bustier dresses, whose draperies are literally clouds of fabric, as Andreas Kronthaler defines, wife of Dame Vivienne and Creative Director at the head of the maison. The historical reference also meets the 50s, the lengths of the dresses are in fact short and sexy like those worn by the pin-ups, the graphic bustiers squeeze life and the result makes you think more of a rock concert than a waltz. The transformability of the garments and the possibility of wearing them in different ways also returns in this collection: the shirts can be worn backwards, the sleeves of the sweaters are so long that they can be used like belts. Andreas talks about the explosion of shapes, the shoulders, the padded hips, large hats and umbrellas, layers on layers, jackets over stacked jackets with a coat hanger, for a triple wardrobe that actually refers to street vendors, who are often showcases of the their own merchandise. The masculine looks appear simplified compared to the woman, with mesh sweaters, trench coats, pirate pants or wide kurta and a significant print depicting the Sumatran tiger. The brand has in fact supported the environmental organization Flora + Fauna against the extinction of the feline species among the most at risk. In addition to this important message, in this collection there is much more: the fabrics come from Wastemark , which collects the inventories to be used in different contexts, and the processes, as well as the dyes, are made by hand and with colors natural from artisans of Mali, thanks to the collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative . The Westwood-Kronthaler couple has always been committed to environmental protection, with a constant, real commitment to making the brand more sustainable and ethical.

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