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Trust the new Balmain in 2019 Autumn vision

In Paris, Friday's hit became a hit by fashion house Balmain O.Rousteing in 2019-2020. autumn and winter collection.

Olivier Rousteing has continued to become the portrait of a woman with a solid and, at the same time, elegance, who knows the canons. Her dresses and high-heeled thighs, shoulders and blouse shoulders are extremely wide, jeans with tinsel glitter, and evening dresses - undoubtedly from the high fashion world.


Like in the collections presented earlier, Balmain plays in black and white combinations, while romance brings pastel shades: lavender, mint and sky blue. This time, one of the most prominent items in the collection is the plethora of textures, from dense metal needles, feathers, three-dimensional flowers to fluffy yarns and flabby tweeds.

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