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The poetics of workwear for Craig Green

Debut in Paris with the Autumn-Winter 2020 season for the English designer, who for the occasion creates the most complete and mature collection of his career
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Strong contents are combined with a mise en scène that is always impactful and highly emotional. With these distinctive traits Craig Green has earned a place of all respect for the Parisian fashion week. What is striking from the very first releases is the color palette which starts out essential, with monochrome outputs from white to black, from yellow to military green, up to the final explosion of the rainbow shades. The Workwear Jacket , the most iconic garment of the brand, undergoes an evolution and transforms into jackets with multi-pocket bibs, bomber jackets with the distinctive stripes of fabric fluttering on the sides of the jacket, ponchos with contrasting stitching that map the body. And finally the most spectacular inventions, such as the jacket that is also a sleeping bag to wear, a tent to take refuge or the top-blouse made of rubber mesh, which resembles supermarket packaging. The concept of the collection, perhaps not visible to everyone, was clear: to raise the emotional baggage to something useful, to carry with it all those emotions that often carry a lifetime on one's shoulders. Craig invites us to reflect on how often men are not accustomed to letting go, that we live in a state of "packaging" hence the idea of the tubular shirt, hence the starting point for reflection. For those unfamiliar with the most important emerging British talent, his activity also extends to other creative spheres. His works have been featured in prestigious locations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts , and costumes have been commissioned for Wayne McGregor's "Obsidian Tear" at the Royal Opera House in 2016 and 2017 for Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant" . He was also called by Moncler in 2019 to create a spectacular capsule collection, as well as by Nike to develop a limited edition. Exploring the concepts of uniform and utility, her fashion shows have always been a cult and highly anticipated event, because Craig Green is one of the few designers who speaks of the male universe by laying it bare. The clothes reflect the moods, a way of protecting and opening up at the same time, in a visual dialogue that does not need verbality.


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