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Show-in-a-box: Loewe celebrates the creative process

Jonathan Anderson's Men Spring Summer 2021 and Women Precollection collection told with a traveling version.
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If with social distancing it is not possible to participate in fashion shows and presentations, Loewe brings the fashion show to your home. Thus the Men Spring Summer 2021 and Women Precollection collection are presented in the form of an archive-box divided into sections, in order to tell the story of Jonathan Anderson's own creative process and narration with a unique and sensorial experience. A practice that directly links the fashion system with the Spanish Maison.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented moment, which puts us to the test. The future will eventually follow its course, but I am interested in today: fashion is rooted in the present after all. We focused on the process working on mannequin. "Explained Jonathan with a written preface, " With this box I share this process with you, from the initial idea to the fashion show, so that you can enjoy it, be involved in it, experience it. "

A new formula that recalls the Duchampiano model of 'Museum in a Box' , in which the artist made his work usable to the spectators in its entirety. Jonatha Anderson's letter follows a booklet that tells some of the inspirations of the collection: from the work of Claes Oldemburg to the image of Walter Pfeiffer . The looks and bags become modular 3D models for a 360 degree view, while the lookbook that brings together all the looks of the men's collection and the women's pre-collection is printed on a block of paper in vertical format. The shoes become postcards, while the sunglasses are wearable, thanks to the realization on paper with perforated edges that allows you to detach the new models and try them on. The references of the fabrics, the color palette, and the studies on the weaves allow to realistically evaluate the garments.
In the box, there is also the look 23 pattern that offers the possibility to recreate the garment at home (the pattern can also be downloaded online at this link) . Following the subdivisions of Loewe Show-in-a-box you get to the soundtrack of the parade, a portable (perfectly functioning) cardboard turntable that allows manual musical reproduction of the narration of Dr. James Fox, engraved at the Loewe headquarters in Getafe. The set and location of the show becomes a pop-up book in which volumes and patterns shape the location of the imaginary event.



Loewe's Men Spring Summer 2021 collection tells the universe of Jonathan Anderson made of fluidity, circular silhouettes, and helical modeling in which everything is predisposed to the fluid movement of the clothes. Male garments are interchangeable with female ones, some are transformable, this is the case of the patchwork leather jacket. Bold volumes emphasized by balloon sleeves and sculptural silhouettes while the fabrics overlap in a mix of sinuous curves. The craftsmanship of the Spanish Maison is told with imperfections of the wool knitwear and the extreme textures that enhance the signature craftmentship.

With the presentation of the men's collection and the women's pre-collection Spring / Summer 2021, Loewe launches the new website that offers a dynamic and engaging browsing experience with full-screen images, videos and new interactive elements.


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