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The dark goddesses of Rick Owens

A new chapter of Rick Owens's primordial aesthetics comes out, made of a discovered and hypnotic physicality, once again beyond the conventions

It has always been a fashion that worries that of Rick Owens , but it is enough to cross the threshold of discomfort in front of an image that is a machine-gunner to customs, to grasp its poetry. For example, on the Spring-Summer 2020 show the models show the curve of the skull and at first glance at the audience, to hypnotize it after a few steps. They reveal the body with tight silhouettes, deep slits, necklines that stop just above the waist: they don't seduce, they invade looks with a rough, almost barbaric charm. They are surprising thanks to the jackets attached to the waist as if they were primordial decorations. After that they conquer the parterre with luminescent black tunics almost as much as the golden maxi duster, or the scarab-effect metal mesh pants. On the finish also come the ruffles and voluminous skirts for proto-punk goddesses, ready to get lost in a heart of darkness.


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