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Molly Goddard Fall Winter 2021/22

Tulle, cheeky colors and a great desire to amaze: Molly Goddard's Fall Winter 2021 collection makes fun of monotony by focusing on unforgettable dresses, mind-boggling platforms and singular motifs
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Surprising, irreverent, fun, colorful, after a year of countless difficulties, Molly Goddard is a pleasant dive into a world of daring dreams and forgotten laughter. The Fall Winter 2021 collection is presented as a (musical) digital fashion show. Rhythmic notes pursue the models who decide to parade in their fairytale dresses, making fun of banality. Of course, there is no lack of tulle, a distinctive sign of the English designer (also nicknamed the "queen of tulle") who has managed to transform a fabric that has always been considered too romantic into a rock material with punk features. The designer seems not to worry about cynics who insinuate the difficulty in wearing her creations, because if you don't start having fun, and dare, with fashion, how can you dare in life? Here then, in addition to fluffy dresses (combined with a simple T-shirt or a sweater), tartan looks (a wink to his beloved homeland), double-breasted coats (strictly pink) and re-read vests also parade on the catwalk in a modern way.

Continuing to declare his love for wedges, gold, burgundy and black platforms rewrite the rules on color combinations, opening up new possibilities and rejuvenating traditional dogmas. For dreamers who live in the desperate search for magical moments, sandals with a light wedge decorated with a small bow and delicate laces.

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