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Missoni's joyous anarchy

For the Spring / Summer 2020 collection Missoni is inspired by the non-conformist couple by eccelleza: Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg
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Angela Missoni for the 2020 Spring / Summer collection has abolished any rule or codified standard. A mix and match of fabrics, colors, patterns imposes itself in the setting of the Mysterious Baths. This is the secret to get the effect that everyone is looking for, in real life as on social media: spontaneity. The feeling is that of a joyful, free, unbridled, contagious alliance. Women and men (it is one of the few co-ed collections) that wake up in the morning and feel free to wear tartan and vertical stripes, polka dots and zig zag, lurex silk and crocheted sweaters, bohemian dresses with jackets on top for men, ultra-feminine scarves that become ties. The inspiration is that of the couple, a couple that exceeds the rules of gender, a couple that exchanges clothes - because the identity is richer if it is mixed, if it is ready to be contaminated with the other. The archetypal couple that inspires the collection is that of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg: a couple outside the box, disobedient, nonconformist par excellence, in life as in style - she with his giant jackets, he with her lipstick, red. The wild elegance of the Birkin is honored by an ancient and very modern symbol: the basket - straw or multicolor with fringes - worn like a bag, full of flowers gathered in the Missoni garden.


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