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Max Mara brings the sea into the city

The sea as a metaphor for life becomes the main theme of the show, which reinterprets the great icons of Max Mara between ruffles and puffs
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For the Autumn-Winter 2020/21 Max Mara has felt the call of the sea, the desire to sail for distant routes even if in practice she dresses women who almost always live in the city. Moreover, the charm of the waves, the wind, the sun and why not, storms is more a metaphor for life, therefore the references are whispered, never too literal. It is as if a sea breeze had gently ruffled the refined composure of the brand, so that the iconic garments of the brand discover themselves energized.
The coats, quintessential of Max Mara, extend to the feet, like the palandrane of the sailors of the early twentieth century. Or they spread on the shoulders and puff on the sleeves, as if they were inflated by the wind. When they are not instead crossed by fabric flounces that always chase on the sleeves, even on some jackets. Then slip on skirts, often with an asymmetrical hem. The fluid trousers have a high waist highlighted by belts that recall the hawsers of the ships. While on the accessories front, a new model of bag debuts, the soft and capacious Marine Bag, structured to recall the keel of the ship.
Camel, white, gray and an inevitable navy blue make up the color card, perfectly mixable.



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